Rectifying the deformity of our beloved Children Operating Legs = Changing Lives

Our goal is that every child dealing with the stigma of handicaps should be able to obtain surgery, no matter their financial or geographic barriers. To achieve our aim we require funds for the childrenā€™s operation.

Fund Shanthi Nilayam Orphanage and for their Intellectually Disabled Children

Shanthi Nilayam is one among very few homes in India that actually harbor abandoned children with disabilities and mental illness. Most homes act as daycare centers that are funded by parents. We, on the other hand, assume life-long warmth and care to the mentally disabled girl children who are left out on the streets…

Please fund for these homeless people. Survival is more important for them

India is suffering. As it deals with its worst health crisis in living memory, we want to do whatever we can to help, so please join us. You have all seen the distressing images and heard the devastating stories that are making headlines daily. It seems as though every family in India is in pain.